Structure of the Professional Program

The Professional Practice Program is an online self-paced course, consisting of 12 modules including one assessment. To pass the PPP, attendees must successfully complete the assessment and attend and complete all online modules.

The workshop component of the PPP consists of 12 separate modules that can be used independently as a reference tool for members in public practice or working in the corporate sector.

Module Topic Competency Area
Module 1 Introduction to the accounting profession 3
Module 2 Ethics and Standards 3
Module 3 & 4 Members and Members in Practice 3
Module 5 - 7 Statutory Registrations and Regulatory Compliance 3
Module 8 Strategic Business Plan 2
Module 9 Financing your practice 2
Module 10 Staffing your practice 2
Module 11 Marketing your Practice 2
Module 12 Cyber Security 2

Participants will be required to consolidate their knowledge through one final multiple-choice assessment, consisting of 30 questions. If you do not successfully complete your assessment, you will be offered an opportunity to re-sit the competency assessment. An assessment re-sit is subject to an additional cost. If you are still unsuccessful, you will be required to repeat the Professional Practice Program and successfully pass the assessment. The IPA reserves the right to cancel a member’s PPC in the event a member does not pass the assessment.