Tax Agent Certification

For associate members looking to take the next step in their careers and become registered tax agents, that means bridging the gap between a Diploma (or higher) award, and the skill sets required to serve clients effectively as a tax agent.

Monarch Institute is the IPA’s training provider of choice. Their online Tax Agent Certification Course is comprised of the two nationally recognised skill sets required, in addition to a full qualification. Monarch’s Tax Agent Certification Course is delivered by highly experienced accountants and current practicing tax agents with decades of experience.

Becoming a registered tax agent

To apply to become a registered tax agent, you must have a certain combination of qualifications and relevant work experience. For most people, this means a Diploma and/or Advanced Diploma of Accounting, plus Tax Practitioners Board-approved courses in Australian taxation law and commercial law.

The Tax Agent Certification course is a great pathway to registration for aspiring tax agents whose primary qualification did not include the requisite courses. It’s designed to leave students feeling confident and prepared to take on the tax agent certification exams mandated by the TPB.

Studying with Monarch Institute

Feel like you’re over old-fashioned classroom education? So did the founders of Monarch. They wanted to create learning experiences that left students ready to take on real-world workplace challenges. That’s why your time with Monarch won’t be like the education you’ve gone through in the past. It’s all about learning when and where it suits you. There are no class times, campus hours, compulsory workshops, or in-person assessments. At the same time, you get great one-on-one support from trainers, via phone, email, Facebook, Zoom, office hours, and more.

Nationally recognised units of competency

The Tax Agent Certification Course is made up of six nationally recognised units. The units are divided into two modules.

The Tax Agent Certification course is nationally recognised as the FNSSS00005 Commercial Law for Tax Agents Skill Set and FNSSS00008 Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set (Tax documentation).

Please note, FNSACC522 is a prerequisite for FNSACC601.

In total, you need to complete five nationally recognised units of competency.

Module 1

Australian taxation law

  • FNSACC522 Prepare tax documentation for individuals
  • FNSACC601 Prepare and administer tax documentation for legal entities

TPB codes: MTL001 / MTL002

Module 2

Commercial law

  • FNSTPB503 Apply legal principles in contract and consumer law
  • FNSTPB504 Apply legal principles in corporations and trust law
  • FNSTPB505 Apply legal principles in property law

TPB codes: MCL001 / MCL002/ MCL003

Get started today

As a member of the IPA, you are entitled to a 5% discount if you are a full fee-paying student for this Monarch Institute Qualification. To learn more about this offer and start your enrolment, contact Emil on 1300 738 955 or email Emil direct on [email protected].

There are no term dates or enrollment deadlines. At Monarch Institute, you can start your studies when it suits you.

Check out the course brochure here, or click here to begin your enrolment today.