AUSKey Update

Are You Ready For myGovID?

MyGovID is the new digital identity provider that is installed on smart phones and is used to prove your identity when accessing government services such as the ATO Online services for agents, ABR, ATO Relationship Authorisation Manager. It will replace Auskey from 1 April 2020. An individual will have their own unique myGovID digital identity. The myGovID belongs to the individual.

Why myGovID?

It is a more secure way to access government online services. AUSkey was developed 10 years ago and is reaching its end of life. There is a higher level of risk with AUSkey as there have been many cases of improper use such as sharing of AUSkeys. Refer to attached article by Colin Walker, Assistant Commissioner, ATO here.

A desktop browser-based authentication will not be supported as desktops can be shared between multiple users whereas a smart phone belongs to the individual. Your myGovID belongs to you and cannot be shared.

myGovID is not MyGov

myGovID is entirely separate from your myGov account, which lets you select and link to government online services as an individual from the one place.


If you use desktop or locally-hosted software (not cloud-based), you may need to undertake additional steps. Your digital service provider will guide you through this process. If you use cloud-based SBR-enabled software, you don’t need to undertake additional steps – your digital service provider will do this for you.

Step 1 (once off)
On your mobile phone (needs to be iOS10+ / Android 7.0+) download the APP ‘myGovID’ from the Appstore (iPhone) or Playstore (Android)
Step 2 (once off)
Scan your proof of identity. This can be your Medicare card and your Driver’s licence.
Step 3
Review and update your details on the Australian Business Register.
Step 4
In the Relationship Access Manager (RAM) link your Tax Agent / BAS Agent Registration to your myGovID.

Note: If you are a staff member in a practice, you must be either an Authorised person of that practice on the ABR or have been invited to by an Authorised person.

For offshore employees, non-residents or Australian residents without the correct identity documents, refer to the ATO – Restricted access here.

You are ready to go!


The ATO have made available a number of resources to assist with the transition.


Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)

Machine credential (Machine to machine (M2M))

A machine credential is installed on a device and enables you to interact directly with government online services through your business software.

Machine credentials are created in RAM and will replace any AUSkey used in your software.

You will use a machine credential if you:

  • are a digital service provider who offers cloud-based Standard Business Reporting (SBR) enabled software. You will need to create a machine credential and install it on your server to enable software authentication by third party users.
  • use desktop or locally hosted software. You will need to create a machine credential. This performs the same function as an Administrator or Standard AUSkey in your software. Your digital service provider will let you know when your software has been updated.
  • use cloud-based SBR enabled software, but you will not need to create a machine credential. Instead, your digital software provider will install it on their server.
  • How to install a machine credential (13 pages) – Machine credential installation.

Help / Trouble shooting

  • ATO myGovID support line 1300 287 539 (select option 2) between 8:00am and 6:00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.
  • ATO website for reporting of problems.
  • For any unanswered questions please go to our website where we will shortly have a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Responses.