Assessment Fees



Priority Service


Standard Service


Skilled Employment^


Priority Skilled Employment


Standard GSM upgrade*


Priority GSM upgrade*


Qualification reassessment within 12 months


Qualification reassessment over 12 months


Priority reassessment


Administration Fee**


^If you have recently obtained a Suitable outcome for Qualification Assessment, your application for Skilled Employment assessment will be placed in the queue based on the date when you received the Qualification Assessment outcome letter from us. This means your application will be processed immediately. 

*Applies for students who have a valid “suitable” qualification assessment from the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) for a Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 485) purpose, and have completed Accounting Professional Year Program or a suitable English test, and who wish to upgrade to GSM status

**Applies to withdrawal of an application or to order a replacement outcome letter. Click here to request a replacement letter.

Payment Methods

Credit Card

We accept all major credit cards

Overseas Bank Draft

The draft should be made payable to the Institute of Public Accountants and nominate a corresponding Australian bank through which payment can be processed.

Australian Bank Cheque

made payable to the Institute of Public Accountants

Australia Post Money Order

made payable to the Institute of Public Accountants


Provided we have not commenced work on your application, which includes checking of all required supporting documents, a refund of the total amount less the administration fee applies. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that all required supporting documents are submitted at the time of application.  Failure to provide the required documents at application stage will not form the basis for a refund request.

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