Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan

Through the development and endorsement of our Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan, the IPA Group has officially committed to a range of targets and initiatives to improve equity and belonging within our organisation.

The recognition and embracement of diversity is essential to ensure there are no biases that prevent individuals from being a welcome part of the IPA Group.

The Action Plan contains a range of initiatives and their target completion year, in addition to a glossary of terms to help build awareness of key terminology - such as equity, inclusion, and allyship.

Our initiatives are broken into four categories

  1. Our people: Actions include – identifying gender pay gaps, promoting cultural literacy, and increasing consideration for different time zones and work arrangements.
  2. Our commitment: Actions include – attaining a baseline of diversity analytics to set meaningful targets, conducting people-related policy reviews, and extending the Board of Directors’ annual skills matrix process.
  3. Our leaders: Actions include – implementing targeted supports for employees at different life stages, implementing an accessibility action plan.
  4. Our members: Actions include – updating internal systems to reflect gender diverse prefixes and identification, attaining a baseline of membership diversity statistics, explore CPD opportunities relating to diversity & inclusion.

View the IPA Group Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan by clicking the cover below.

Power Point Cover