Eligibility and Requirements

If you have a current individual BAS agent registration issued by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) and your services are limited to bookkeeping/BAS services, you're eligible to become a Public BAS Practitioner immediately.

Please note that you cannot apply to become a Public BAS Practitioner membership without holding a current valid individual BAS agent registration with the TPB.

You also need to provide a professional indemnity (PI) insurance with a minimum indemnity limit of $1,000,000 any one claim and at least one reinstatement, preferably unlimited reinstatement. If you would like to obtain a PI insurance, meeting the requirements, you can check our IPA Insure by clicking here.

If you provide BAS services as well as other accounting services (e.g. a cash flow forecast, risk management, budgeting and/or financial reporting), we invite you to apply for the Professional Practice Certificate (PPC).