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2022 - Trimester 1

2022 - Trimester 2

Start Date: Monday 7 March 2022

End Date: Friday 27 May 2022

Exam Period: Monday 6 June - Friday 17 June 2022

Applications close: Sunday 27 February 2022

Start Date: Monday 11 July 2022

End Date: Friday 30 September 2022

Exam Period: Monday 10 October - Friday 21 October 2022

Applications close: Sunday 3 July 2022
2022 - Trimester 3  

Start Date: Monday 7 November 2022

End Date: Friday 3 February 2023

Exam Period: Thursday 9 February 2023 - Friday 17 February 2023

Applications close: Sunday 6 November 2022

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The Graduate Certificate of Public Accounting (GCPA) is a specially tailored award program designed to underpin Public Accounting practice.  It consists of a core unit of competency in ethics, and 3 electives in the practice of accounting, taxation and financial planning. Completion of the GCPA will enable eligible members who have the required qualified experience, to become MIPA.

Core Units Electives
  • Option 1 (special flexible option)
    MAA 763 Governance and Fraud (core)
    (RPL to be obtained upon completion of the Ethics CPD credential from DeakinCo*)
    Plus 3-electives
    (Only 1 unit of RPL will be permissible for electives under Option 1)
  • Option 2 (GCPA pathway)
    MAA 763 Governance and Fraud OR MAA 769 Ethics for Financial Services (core)
    Plus 3-electives
    (Up to 2 units of RPL will be permissible for electives under Option 2)

You can choose three electives offered in any stream of study.

*The Ethics CPD credential from DeakinCo must be completed in its entirety in order to be eligible for RPL for MAA 763 under Option 1. It consists of:

  • 3 X 6hr ethics modules + annual ethics refresher + Deakin Practising Certificate assessment. The total approximate costs for 2022 is $695 for members.
  • With the exception of the Ethics CPD credential from DeakinCo above, the tuition fee for all GCPA units will be charged at $2,244 per unit. This is the discounted fees for IPA members.

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If you are a Member (MIPA) or Fellow of the IPA (FIPA), you may be eligible to join Deakin University MBA program, subject to Deakin’s MBA entry requirements. Whilst Deakin’s MBA Program consist of 12 units of study, qualified IPA members may be considered for Recognition of Prior Learning - reducing the number of units to study. The MBA units are highly strategic in nature, and are suitable for those who aspire to senior management or leadership roles.

Also through Deakin’s unique residential MBA classroom workshops, based in Geelong, Victoria, you can even complete selected MBA units in just six days. This is a great way to complete a unit in a week and fast track your MBA.

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