Program Structure

NAVY CAT Programstructure

The Certified Accounting Technician program must be completed by all new BAS agent members. We recognise our members are all at different stages of their careers, and, as such, the Certified Accounting Technician program is reflective of this. 

The program is self-paced and must be completed within 6-months of becoming a member allowing you to learn on your own schedule, split into three distinct sections and allows for the flexibility we know our members require. 

  1. Accounting Technician in PLACE - all the things you need to know before you go into practice (Modules 1-3)
  2. Accounting Technician in PRACTICE - all the things you need to know once you are in practice (Modules 4-6)
  3. Accounting Technician in BUSINESS - all the things you need to know to evolve your business (Modules 7-9)

CAT Navy Modules

It is anticipated that modules will take up to three or more hours each to complete, this includes the reflection questions at the end of each module.  

Successful completion of the Certified Accounting Technician program not only allows members to claim 18 CPD hours, it ensures that all members holding a BAS registration are fully compliant and aware of the rules, regulations, standards, by-laws, and pronouncements that apply to them.

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