Practice Management: Stay Ahead of the Curve - How to Adapt, Accept, Reject

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Practice Management: Stay Ahead of the Curve - How to Adapt, Accept, Reject

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Discover what might be possible for your business and/or the businesses you advise. An exciting workshop filled with possibilities.

We knew the 4th Industrial Revolution would bring with it changes to technology, but it has also brought with it changes to the way businesses operate and employees work (and we mean much more than remote working). Come and explore the new organisational structure emerging in the business and not for profit landscape. These organisations (some with as many as 60,000 staff) operate in totally different ways with self-managing teams, team decision making (on purchases, recruitment and pay) and self-imposed KPIs. It is a whole new way of doing business and stretches your thinking on what might be possible.

Topics Covered:

  • Why the change has occurred
  • How these organisations make decisions, hire and fire (rarely) staff, adapt, set budgets and decide on salaries
  • Examples of profit and not for profit organisations across the globe that have embraced this new way of working, the money being saved and the profits being generated

Benefits & Learning Outcomes: 

  • Stay at the forefront of the profession by being abreast of one of the biggest changes to the way organisations operate that you may see in your lifetime
  • Understanding of what it would take to implement some or all of these strategies for your organisation or your clients
  • Insight into the possibility of a more fulfilling, sustainable and adaptable way of working and doing business

Meet your speaker: Petris Lapis

Petris has worked in accounting, law, academia, banking, business and training. She has consulted to government and industry and published books and articles. She has studied commerce, law and coaching and is helping making change differently, passionately and quietly through workshops and resources.


Practice Management: Stay Ahead of the Curve

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