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Decision Making for Leaders - ON-DEMAND

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Date recorded: December 2023

In the face of digital disruption and generational change, deciding how much to involve others in the decisions you need to make as a leader and manager is more relevant now than ever. Advances in technology – particularly AI - mean that many decisions previously made by managers are no longer required. Further, the millennial generation is demanding more autonomy on the one hand and more involvement and consultation on the other. It’s a difficult balance to strike.

This webinar will provide delegates with a framework to help them decide how much and how often they should involve others in decisions. Making better decisions consistently is notoriously difficult so the webinar will also provide some general pointers on how to improve decision-making effectiveness.

Topics Covered:

Building Confidence and Capability in Making Better Decisions, More Often, for Managers and Leaders

Benefits & Learning Outcomes:

  • A proven framework to improve decision making generally.
  • Techniques on how to improve their own decision-making effectiveness
  • How to know when, how much and how often they should involve others in their decisions.

Recommended for:

This webinar is great for anyone who frequently needs to decide on whether and how to involve others in their workplace in decision-making

Meet your speaker, Richard Carter

Richard Carter PhD FCMI is an organisation psychologist, LMAP360 coach, management educator and leadership development consultant. He has worked at Business Schools, Consultancies and Not-for-Profits in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK.

Richard’s approach to building management education and leadership development programs is strongly informed by social cognitive theory and its core principle of self-efficacy beliefs. This approach has been proven to enact behaviour change leading to sustainable performance improvement more than other training interventions. He has undertaken leadership projects for Wharton Business School, Yale School of Management, NAB, St George Bank, Temasek, Telstra, Accor, Coles and Woolworths.

Richard has published articles in leading organisational psychology, HRM and education journals and blogs regularly on education, management and leadership issues. He is a Senior Faculty member at the AIM Business School and International College of Management and co-founder of Switch Education for Business, the original partner for the IPA’s Small Business Leadership Program.


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