Burnout Prevention and Recovery Webinar

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Date recorded: June 2022

Combine public practice and the interesting things from the last few years and you have the ingredients for burnout.

The World Health Organisation has referred to stress and burnout as the health epidemic of the 21st Century. This engaging webinar is led by an accountant who has walked the burnout path herself. It investigates what burnout looks and feels like, where responsibility really lies, how to prevent burnout at both the employer and employee level and stress management and mindfulness strategies to help you thrive more successfully in a demanding work environment.

This is your turn to hear stories and strategies relating to burnout and working environments to help the profession and you to move forward.

Meet Your Speaker, Petris Lapis:

Petris has worked in accounting, law, academia,banking, business and training. She has consulted to government and industryand published several books and hundreds of papers. She has studied commerce, law, coaching, NLP and hypnosis and is passionate about helping professionals thrive and succeed in even the most challenging of situations.