COVID-19 Safe Event Plan

Our face-to-face seminars are now running in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, alongside our online webinars.

The IPA is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our team and attendees at all events. With this in mind, If you attend one of our seminars offered face-to-face the following precautions are in place:

  • Temperature testing of all participants and staff.
  • Small class sizes, with participants spaced generously throughout a room, adhering to the social distancing requirements.
  • Modification of training activities to ensure no contact or close interaction.
  • Specific signage in all public areas reinforcing hygiene measures of washing hands, coughing into elbow and staying away if unwell.
  • Specific mention of these same hygiene measures at the commencement of all seminars.
  • Hand sanitisers available in public areas.
  • Increased cleaning measures to comply with the Government’s Worksafe cleaning protocols. 
  • Modified catering arrangements to provide individualised service for each guest together with appropriate social distancing.
  • Recording of name and a mobile number or email address for all staff, volunteers, visitors and contractors for a period of at least 28 days, we will ensure records are used only for the purposes of tracing COVID-19 infections in line with Government requirement and are stored confidentially and securely.

In line with these precautions please note:

  • Attendees are requested to bring their own full water bottle.
  • Attendees are requested to bring their own mask if they wish to wear one.
  • Tea and coffee will not be served.
  • Physical contact such as handshakes and other forms of greetings or farewells will not be permitted.
  • Sanitised towelettes in training rooms for participants to use will be provided.

Participants are advised not to attend if they have been feeling unwell or have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms and presenters, facilitators and staff have also been directed not to deliver face-to-face seminars if they are feeling unwell.

Please note: The Divisional offices will be adhering to their local Government requirements applicable to their region, this may include the requirement for attendees to wear facemasks for the duration of the event or additional social distancing.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our health and safety measures, please discuss with your relevant Divisional Office.