Disciplinary Tribunal and Decisions

Disciplinary Tribunal

Members that are required to appear before the IPA Disciplinary Tribunal are advised to be familiar with their rights and obligations by downloading the IPA's Disciplinary Process.


IPA's Disciplinary Process
IPA Written Submission Process

Disciplinary Tribunal Decisions

Below are the outcomes from Disciplinary Tribunal Hearings against IPA members.

Disciplinary Tribunal expressions of interest

The IPA is currently seeking applications for new panel members in particular with legal qualifications and non-accounting professionals who are interested in being appointed to the Disciplinary Tribunal (Tribunal) panel.

The process at a Hearing is inquisitorial, not adversarial. The task of the Tribunal is to establish what has happened by taking documents and statements from the member and the IPA Advocate. The Tribunal will make a decision on the balance of probabilities.

  • The Tribunal is a panel comprising of IPA members and other non-accounting professionals. The Tribunal is constituted as a sub-committee of the IPA Board of Directors and is independent of the management of the IPA.
  • Appointment as a member of the Tribunal is on a voluntary basis and for a period of two years.
  • Tribunal hearings are convened for the purpose of considering cases against IPA members and are generally held three times a year. The Tribunal at a hearing will comprise three to five Tribunal members including the Chairman and at least one lay person (ie. non-IPA member).
  • A panel member is requested to attend around two to three Tribunal sittings per year.
  • On the day of the hearing, Tribunal members are required to attend a remote hearing held via video conference, to make a determination in relation to the cases.

If you wish to express your interest in becoming a panel member, please email your CV and a brief covering letter of your background and experience to [email protected].